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During my career as an architectural designer, I recognized a design opportunity. 

In creating beautiful spaces which are also meet the demands of longevity, architects and designers tend to use materials such as concrete, natural stone, metals, and hardwoods. While achieving excellence in durability, these materials can unintentionally create uncomfortably loud spaces. Positive user experience is crucial to the perceived success of a building project. 

Currently, the only truly viable solutions to this problem is to add carpeting, or use extremely expensive, and usually unattractive, acoustical paneling manufactured by large corporate entities. Folded Poetry offers a local artisanal alternative. 

The following projects are part of an ongoing exploration into acoustical art. This work provides elegant solutions to acoustical design problems by exploring the frontier where aesthetic and functionality meet. 

Diamond Dream

folded poetry diamond dream
IMG_9773 2.JPG



IMG_3683 3.JPG
interruption edit 1.jpg





Square City

folded poetry square city
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