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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have"  ~Maya Angelou

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play with shapes

How do you cultivate creativity?

Improve your craft

explore where technology and art meet

design custom artwork

make 2-D into 3-D

work with your hands

express yourself

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explore form, line, and shadow

Creativity is a beautiful gift that lives inside each of us.

Like any living thing, it needs nourishment to grow.

Feeding creativity is feeding the spirit.

The DIY KIT provides an educational hands-on craft experience

Each KIT includes

Pre-measured foam base board

Laser-cut paper shapes ready to be folded, taped, glued, and born into 3-D forms

QR code to an instructional video by Eliza Redmann


Requires only tape, glue, a ruler, and a toothpick to assemble


suitable for ages 8+


~ 1 hour assembly

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With your purchase you will receive access to a video tutorial by Folded Poetry founder, Eliza Redmann 

Within you'll learn all of the craft secrets and assembly considerations which go into creating Folded Poetry


The Story Behind DIY KIT

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I was struggling to recover from a car crash and traumatic brain injury which interrupted my career as an architect. I was in poor health and spirits, and needed to create forward momentum for my life.


I took to the basement of my home and just began. Began making; began exploring. I started creating 3-D paper geometries. Below are some of my early study models.

I've since made countless pieces of sculptural art.


Through all of my design exploration, I always come back to these early study models as they represent the essence of Folded Poetry.


Below is a sketch from April of 2020. From this design I have created Folded Poetry DIY Kits!

49DC843E-C284-4851-8D0D-4E7CA8C9A49F 2 copy 2_edited.jpg

They are incredibly special to me as they share my experience from those early days of beginning Folded Poetry. 


My goal was nothing short of reimagining and reinventing my life.


Creating something completely original with one's own hands is not only a magical experience - it's good for the brain, and for the spirit. 


I'm proud to share this experience with you!

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