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Scheduled for installation at a co-working space in Denver, CO during the fall of 2023, this sculptural artwork is a commission by Greystar properties brought to Folded Poetry via ArtLifting.

The client's request was that the artwork be inspired by a journey to Pike's Peak, Colorado. 

80 - the journey sketches.jpg

In considering any journey out into nature, rarely is it ever as simple as walking out the door. Plans must be arranged, items packed, timing considered - all while already in a mental space of need: needing stress relief, needing release, needing flow. The needs are met upon arrival where an unwinding occurs and chaos becomes order once again.

Screen Shot 2023-07-25 at 11.45.36 AM.png
journey light french and attitude board OVERALL_edited.jpg

Compression and release are represented through natural elements in this artwork. The chaotic geometry of tree bark unwinds and unfurls into the flowing landscape of Pikes Peak.

journey light french and two ticks darker board_edited.jpg

This art installation will occupy the wall behind the concierge desk of the new co-working space in Denver. It dances across twenty-two continuous feet of wall space and is constructed out of medium-density fiberboard. 

ESG rendering.png

Rendering by ESG Architects

IMG_4522 2 (1).jpg

Completed mock-up 

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